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Welcome to A&B Software

A&B Software is a leading provider of advanced products and services for the industrial and scientific imaging marketplaces.

Our ActiveDcam, ActiveGigE, ActiveUSB and ImageWarp software products are used in a wide variety of application areas including industrial automation, metrology, life science, X-ray inspection, food processing, aerospace, geology, traffic and security.

We also provide companies and institutions with custom product development services. Our team of software developers and researches possesses unique engineering expertise combined with state-of-the-art technical skills, creativity and project management experience.
We specialize in:

  > computer and machine vision
  > industrial and scientific image analysis
  > vision systems design and integration
  > real-time image and signal processing
  > IT consulting, engineering and research

Located in Connecticut, A&B Software offers its products and services to customers worldwide.

January, 2015
MEL Mikroelectronik GmbH licenses A&B's GEV Server for integration into MEL's 3D scanners.
December, 2014
Smartek selects A&B as US distributor for Giganetix industrial cameras.
Apr 13-15, 2014
Visit us at the Vision Show in Hynes Convention Center, Boston, booth 122.
January, 2014
High-speed vehicle camera simulator is delivered to US Air Force.
August, 2013
A&B releases ActiveUSB - hardware independent SDK for USB3 Vision cameras.
March, 2013
New ActiveGigE 4.5 with built-in 1D and 2D barcode decoder is available.
November, 2012
Ruum American Kids Wear licenses ActiveGigE to operate interactive kiosks in store outlets.
March, 2012
New ActiveDcam 6.0 and ActiveGigE 4.0 with DVR extention are released.
September, 2011
A&B software signs a private-label licensing agreement with Alkeria, Italy.
April, 2011
Diamond Power International subcontracts A&B to develop a set of high-performance DirectShow filters.
January, 2011
A&B releases GigESim - GigE Vision Server SDK and camera simulator.
May 25-27, 2010
Visit us at the Vision Show in Hynes Convention Center, Boston, booth 300.
February, 2010
A strategic licensing agreement is signed with Euresys, Belgium.
August, 2009
A&B's patent-pending technology is featured in the Vision Systems Design editorial.
May, 2009
Olympus Technologies partners with A&B Software to develop a set of image processing libraries for CameraLink devices.
April 1-2, 2009
Visit us at the Vision Show in Phoenix Convention Center, Booth 202.
November, 2008
NASA uses ActiveGigE in the International Space Station project.
June 10-12, 2008
Visit us at the Vision Show in Hynes Convention Center, Boston, booth 212.
February, 2008
Vision Systems Design features ActiveGigE SDK in GigE Vision software editorial.
October, 2007
Allied Vision Technology, Germany licenses a private-branded version of ActiveDcam SDK.
September, 2007
A&B Software releases ActiveGigE - a universal Software Development Kit for GigE Vision cameras.
March, 2007
A&B Software licenses ActiveDcam software to Olympus Technologies.
January, 2007
A&B Software enters into agreement with Optronics to develop new SDK for Optronics digital microscope cameras.
November, 2006
North Star Imaging chooses A&B's ImageWarp as main control application for their Xview stations.
August, 2006
Team White Cugar selects A&B as a software solution provider for an autonomus vehicle DARPA project.
March, 2006
ActiveDcam SDK shows the highest performance in the benchmarks comparison published by the VSD magazine.
March, 2006
A&B Software signs a private-label licensing agreement with Toshiba Teli Corporation, Japan.
December, 2005
Hitachi Kokusai selects ActiveDcam as a preferred SDK for Hitachi FireWire cameras.
October, 2005
City of Providence awards A&B Software with development contract to design and build auto-tracking digital photo stations.
March, 2005
A&B Software releases ActiveDcam - universal SDK for IIDC-1394 cameras.

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