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Returns or sets the zoom factor for the live video display.


objActiveGige.Magnification [= Value]

HRESULT get_Magnification( float *pMagnification );
HRESULT put_Magnification( float Magnification );

Data Type



pMagnification [out,retval]  
Pointer to the current zoom factor  
Magnification [in]  
Floating point value specifying the zoom factor to be set. If 0, the image will be fit to the size of the control window. If -1, the image will be displayed in the full-screen mode. If -2, the image conversion and display will be disabled.  

Return Values

Invalid property value.  

This VB example sets the zoom factor to 0.25:

ActiveGige1.Magnification = 0.25
MsgBox ActiveGige1.Magnification


This property adjusts the magnification of the life video display. It does not change the content of the image data, but only its appearance in the ActiveGige control window. The valid property values are from 0 to 100. If the Magnification property is set to zero, the video image will be fit to the size of the control window. In this case the display might not retain the original proportions of the video frame. If the property is set to -1, the image will be displayed in the full-screen mode retaining the original proportions.

Note that the Acquire and Display properties must be set to TRUE in order for the live video to be displayed in the control window.

Note that setting Magnification properties to -2 will disable an image conversion pipeline that is normally applied to each raw frame. This will significantly increase the performance of your application as long as it does not utilize ActiveGigE's built-in image decoding/display and uses GetRawData to access the raw image data.