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Returns or sets the ordinal number of the currently selected live video palette. The values from 0 to 7 correspond to the following predefined palettes:

0 - Gray  
Applies the standard 256-level grayscale palette. This is a regular mode of viewing a grayscale video.  
1 - Inverse  
Applies the inverted 256-level grayscale palette. The video will be displayed in the negative format.  
2 - Saturated  
Applies the grayscale palette with colorized upper entries. The saturated palette allows you to control the dynamic range of the video signal by bringing it slightly below the saturation level of the video camera or video amplifier. To achieve the maximum dynamic range, adjust the intensity of the light source and/or the gain and zero level of the video amplifier so that the red color corresponding to the brightest pixel values just barely shows up.  
3 - Rainbow  
Applies a color palette where the entries are evenly distributed along the Hue axis. This allows for assigning different color pigments to different levels of intensity.  
4 - Spectra  
Applies a color palette where the entries are distributed along the Hue and Luminance axes. That allows for assigning different color pigments to different levels of intensity while preserving the luminance scale.  
5 - Isodense  
Applies the 256-level grayscale palette, each 8-th entry of which is colorized. The isodense palette allows you to clearly see transitions between different levels of intensities as isolines on a topographic map.  
6 - Multiphase  
Applies the multiphase palette. Entries in the multiphase palette are at opposite ends of the color model so even small changes in gray levels are highlighted.  
7 - Random  
Applies the random color palette whose entries are filled with random values each time you select it from the menu.  
8 - Threshold  
Applies the grayscale palette with colorized luminance range of interest. Works in combination with SetROI.  

objActiveGige.Palette [= Value]

HRESULT get_Palette( long *pPalette );
HRESULT put_Palette( long Palette );

Data Type



pPalette [out,retval]  
Pointer to the ordinal number of the currently selected palette  
Palette [in]  
The number of the palette to be selected  

Return Values

Invalid property value.  


This VB example demonstrates the use of a combo box for changing display palettes on the live video:

Private Sub Form_Load()  
ActiveGige1.Acquire = True  
Combo1.AddItem ("Gray")  
Combo1.AddItem ("Inverse")  
Combo1.AddItem ("Saturated")  
Combo1.AddItem ("Rainbow")  
Combo1.AddItem ("Spectra")  
Combo1.AddItem ("Isodense")  
Combo1.AddItem ("Multiphase")  
Combo1.AddItem ("Random")  
Combo1.ListIndex = 0  
End Sub  
Private Sub Combo1_Click()  
ActiveGige1.Palette = Combo1.ListIndex  
End Sub  


The Palette property is used for viewing monochrome video in pseudo-colors. The property is only valid for a monochrome Mode. If you use property pages in your development environment, the Palette property field will be presented as a list box containing the names of all available palettes.

Note that the Acquire and Display properties must be set to TRUE in order for the live video to be displayed in the control window.