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Configures parameters of the RTSP web streaming.


objActiveGige.SetWebStreamer srcAddress, dstAddress, frameRate, quality[, tunnelOverHttp]

HRESULT SetDestinationIP(BSTR srcAddress, BSTR dstAddress, float frameRate, short quality, bool tunnelOverHttp);

Data Types

dstAddress: String
srcAddress: String
frameRate: Float
quality: Integer
tunnelOverHttp: Boolean


srcAddress [in]  
String specifying the source address of the web streaming in the following format: "[:pppp/filename]", where - the IP address of the local network interface to be used for the web streaming (typically a local area interface)  
   pppp - the local source port to be used for the web streaming; if omitted, port 8554 will be used  
   filename - the file name assigned to the stream; if omitted, "ActiveGige.sdp" will be used  
dstAddress [in]  
String specifying the IP address of a remote playback device. For the multicast streaming, use an address in the range -  

frameRate [in]  
Floating point value specifying the frame rate limit for the web stream.  
quality [in]  
Integer value in the range 0-6 specifying the H.264 compression quality. The higher the quality is, the higher the streaming bandwidth will be.  
tunnelOverHttp [in]  
Enabling this boolean value will reroute the web streaming via HTTP ports 80, 8000 or 8080  

Return Values



This VB example sets the web streamer's parameters and activates the streaming. The port number is omitted in the source address, so the default port 8554 is used:



ActiveGige1.SetWebStreamer sourceAddr, destAddr, streamFPS, streamQuality




The web streaming option allows you to automatically convert video outputted by the camera into the H.264 compression format and transmit it over the wireless or wired network using the RTSP protocol to a remote playback devices, such as PCs, tablets and smartphones. Use the SetWebStreamer method to configure parameters of the web streamer before turning the web streaming on.

When specifying the source address, make sure to use the IP address of a local network interface which is usually different from the interface(s) to which your GigE Vision cameras are connected. The port number and/or filename can be omitted in the source address string, in which case default values will be used.

When specifying the destination address, use the intranet IP address of a remote device or network interface on a remote PC (you can look up IP addresses assigned to different devices on your network by accessing your router's web interface). If you want to multicast the web stream to all devices on your network, enter a multicast IP address such as

If the value of the frameRate parameter exceeds the camera's fps, the camera's fps will be used as the frame rate of the web video.

To watch a transmitted video on a remote playback device, use an RTSP/RTP client such as VLC Media Player or Fresh Video Player.

The following steps describe how to use VLC Media Player on a remote Windows-based client PC to display a web video stream transmitted by an ActiveGigE-based streaming application:
   - Run VLC media player on a client PC (the IP address of the client PC must be same as the destination address used in your streaming application).
   - Select Media -> Open Network Stream in the player's menu. The Open Media dialog box will be displayed.
   - In the Network URL field enter the full RTSP web address matching the source address used in your ActiveGigE-based application, for example:                rtsp://
   - Click the Play button. Within a few seconds a decoded video should appear on the player's screen.