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This property page is used to select the properties specifying input/output operations.


Select from the following options:

Line Selector
Lets you select the physical line (or pin) of the external device connector to configure. Equivalent to the LineSelector property.  
Line Mode
Lets you select the input or output mode for the currently selected line. Equivalent to the LineMode property.  
Line Source
Lets you select the source of the signal to output on the selected line when the line mode is Output. Equivalent to the LineSource property.  
Line Format
Lets you select the electrical format (TTL, LVDS, OptoCoupled etc) of the selected line. Equivalent to the LineFormat property.  
Line Inverter
Select this option to have the electrical signal on the selected line inverted. Equivalent to the LineInverter property.  

User Output
Lets you configure the bits of the User Output register. Checking/unchecking the box will set the selected bit to the High or Low state respectively. Equivalent to the UserOutputSelector and UserOutputValue properties.  
Lets you perform reads and writes to a selected register in the camera bootstrap address space. To perform the read operation, enter the desired hexadecimal address to the Address filed and click the Read button. The result will be displayed in the Value box. Depending on the Dec/Hex radio boxes, the result will be displayed either in decimal or hexadecimal form. To perform the write operation, enter a desired address and value to the Address and Value fields respectively, and then press the Write button. Equivalent to the ReadRegister, WriteRegister methods.  

User set
Lets you load or store camera settings under the specified user set. Use the list box to select the desired user set. Use the Save button to store the current camera settings in the selected set. Use the Load button to load the setting from the selected set into the camera. See UserSetSelector for details.  
Save image
Lets you save the current frame buffer in an image file. When you click this button, the Save As dialog box will appear where you can select the file name and one of the image file formats: BMP, TIF and JPEG. Note that BMP and TIF files will be recorded with no compression while JPEG files will be recorded with quality 75. Equivalent to the SaveImage method.