Filter Driver
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ActiveGige SDK is provided with GCAM GigE Vision Filter Driver.

Installation of the Filter Driver is not necessary for the operation of ActiveGige, but it is recommended to increase the performance of your applications during the video capture, especially if your GigE network adapter does not support Jumbo frames. See Network Setup for more details. The Filter Driver reduces the CPU load by bypassing the Windows IP Stack and transmitting incoming video packets directly to ActiveGige.

To install the Filter Driver, execute the "Install Filter Driver" option in the ActiveGige start menu or use the Advanced tab of the IP configuration utility. This will automatically install the driver in Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you are installing the Filter Driver in Windows XP, you will see several times a warning dialog such as this:


Ignore the warning by clicking Continue Anyway button each time you see the dialog.

When the installation is finished, make sure that GCAM GigE Vision Filter appears in the Properties of your GigE Network adapter with the check mark next to it:


If for any reason the filter installation fails, install the driver manually using the following procedure:

1.Open Local Area Connection Properties dialog for your GigE adapter and click the Install... button (see image above). The Select Network Component Type dialog will appear. Select Service and click Add...  
2.The Select Network Service dialog will appear. Click Have Disk... and provide the path to the Driver folder where GcamFilter.inf is located. A typical location would be:  
Windows 2000/XP
C:\Program Files\ActiveGigE\Driver\XP32

Windows Vista, Windows 7/8 32-bit
C:\Program Files\ActiveGigE\Driver\Vista32

Windows XP 64-bit
C:\Program Files\ActiveGigE\Driver\XP64

Windows Vista, Windows 7/8 64-bit, Windows Server 64 bit
C:\Program Files\ActiveGigE\Driver\Vista64
3.   In the Select Network Service dialog highlight GCAM GigE Vision Filter and click OK.  
   If the installation is performed in Windows XP, you will see several warning messages from Microsoft. Ignore them.  
4. Confirm the presence of the filter driver in the Local Area Connection Properties list.  
Note - If you are upgrading from the earlier version of ActiveGige, reboot your system after the installation to make sure that you are using the latest version of the filter.

Note - to temporarily disable the Filter Driver, unselect the corresponding check box in the
Local Area Connection Properties list of your GigE adapter.

Note - to completely remove Gcam GigE Vision Filter from your system, use the Uninstall option in the
Local Area Connection Properties dialolg or use the Advanced panel of the IP Configuration utility.