The ActiveGige setup includes the demonstration license that allows you to use the control in both design and run-time mode for a period of 21 days.

If you wish to continue using the control, you must acquire a design-time license from your distributor. The design-time license is provided in form of a license file activegige.lic that must be saved in the ActiveGige folder (typically, C:\Program Files\ActiveGige) replacing the existing file. In addition, if you need to execute ActiveGige based applications outside of your VB development environment, you should perform a run-time registration. This is done through the following procedure.

When you first start an executable file that was created using ActiveGige control, the registration dialog box will appear.


The dialog will display a Control ID uniquely generated for your system. Based on this ID, your distributor will provide your with a Serial Number that will validate a run-time permission for ActiveGige. After the proper Serial Number is entered in the dialog and registration completed, all ActiveGige based application will become unlocked.