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ActiveGige TWAIN driver allows Windows users to view and capture images in TWAIN-compliant graphic editing and scientific imaging applications such as Photoshop, Image Pro and others. Depending on the selected video mode, the TWAIN driver can capture images in 8- or 16-bit monochrome and 24- or 48-bit RGB format.

The driver is automatically installed on your system during ActiveGige Installation. To use GigE Vision™ cameras via a TWAIN compliant imaging application (e.g. Photoshop, Image Pro etc.), you must first set GigE Vision Compliant Camera as the default TWAIN source.

·Open the TWAIN compliant application (e.g. Photoshop, Image Pro etc.)  
·Specify the TWAIN source that you want to interface with. The procedure for this step will vary depending on the software you are using, but you should see a list of TWAIN devices.  
·Chose GigE Vision Compliant Camera.  
·Open the TWAIN interface. This step also varies depending on the software. The GigE Vision TWAIN window will appear as shown below.  


The user interface of the TWAIN driver includes the following buttons and controls:

Captures the current video frame into the application.  

Switches the camera into the continuous acquisition mode and initiates live preview.  
Stops the acquisition from the camera and freezes the last video frame in the image window.  
Zoom in  
Click this button to increase the magnification of the image.  
Zoom out  
Click this button to decrease the magnification of the image.  
Fit to screen  
Click this button to change the magnification factor of the image so that it fits to the image window.  
Click this button to display ActiveGige Property Pages.  
Use this option to select the desired pixel format from the list of available formats.