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ActiveDVR is an extention module that works in combination with any of our camera interface SDKs - ActiveDcam, ActiveGigE, ActiveUSB, ActiveBF, ActiveGeni. Unlike other video recording libraries, ActiveDVR is extremely easy to use. Within minutes you can turn your FireWire, GigE Vision or Genicam-based camera application into a full-scale digital video recorder. Record high-speed video from multiple cameras to RAM and AVI files with adjustable compression and sound, implement full playback control of recorded videos in multiple synchronized windows, timestamp your frames, perform pre- and post-processing, and many more.

The latest version of ActiveDVR includes the RTSP web streamer which allows an end-user application to transcode GEV or U3V video stream outputted by a camera into the H.264 web stream and transmit it over the wireless or wired network to remote playback devices, such as PCs, tablets and smartphones.  

With ActiveDVR you can:

  • Record AVI files with audio in real time.
  • Reserve space for AVI files to eliminate dropped frames.
  • Perform video recording from multiple camera sources.
  • Use any compression codec installed on the system.
  • Utilize a proprietary raw codec to record and play back raw Bayer video with no quality degradation.
  • Play back AVI files at adjustable speed (slow motion, fast forward)
  • Control playback direction and frame interval
  • Browse through selected frames of the AVI file with full access to recorded pixel values.
  • Implement VCR-like controls.
  • Implement synchronized playback from multiple AVI files.
  • Control the sound volume during the recording and playback.
  • Record incoming video into RAM at ultra-high speed.
  • Perform continuous loop recording into memory.
  • Play back recorded memory sequences with an adjustable speed, direction and frame interval.
  • Perform time-shifted playback.
  • Get an instant access to pixel values and timestamp of each frame in the memory sequence.
  • Export memory sequences to AVI files using any codec installed on the system.
  • Transmit live video over wi-fi or wired network to a remote playback device using an integrated RTSP web streamer

  ActiveDVR presents a perfect combination of capabilities offered by industrial-grade video recording systems, the ease of use of the ActiveX interface and low runtime cost of our camera interface products.
"We are very happy with your product and will order more licences soon! "

Markus Honkanen,
Pixact Oy, Finland