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Camera List

ActiveGigE GigE Vision API is designed to work with any GigE camera that complies with GigE Vision Camera Interface Standard for Machine Vision. The following GigE Vision™ cameras have been tested with ActiveGigE SDK in VB, VB.NET, C#, C++, Delphi and Matlab:
Manufacturer Model
A&B Software GigESim camera simulator
Adimec Diamnod D-12A09
Allied Vision Technologies Prosilica, Manta, Mako, Goldeye, Pearleye, Bigeye
AOS Technologies H-EM 501
Aval Global ABA and AHS SWIR series
Automation Technology C4-GigE series
Basler Vision Ace, Aviator, Pilot, Runner and Scout series
Baumer Optronic TXG, HXG, SXG, MXG, EXG, LXG, VCXG, VLXT series
BlueVision BV and BVC GigE series
AOS Technologies H-EM 501
Cognex CAM-CIC GigE series
Chromasens allPIXA evo 10k
ContrasTech Mars GigE series
Crevis MG and HG series
Daheng Imaging MARS-G and MER-G series
Dahua Technology MV GigE series
DIAS Infrared Systems PYROVIEW series
Dolotron XGEV series
Do3Think Do3Think GigE series
DynaColor FE-W4-M
e2V AViiVA EM1, DiViiNA LM1
Emergent Vision Technologies HS 10-GigE series
FLIR Systems A5, A15, A35, A65, A320G, A315, A615
Gardasoft RC and TR LED Pulse controllers
Gevicam GD, GF and GP series
GigaLinx GigE-Connect products
Hikvision MV GigE Vision series
Hitachi KP-F**GV and HV-F**GV series
IDS Imaging uEye GigE Vision cameras
IMI Technology Amazon and Amazon2 series
Imaging Source DMK and DFK GigE series
Imaging Solutions Group Allegro GigE Series
Imperx Lynx IPX and Bobcat IGV GigE series
Integrated Design Tools Os 4 series
JAI Pulnix All GigE models
Kappa PS, DS and Zelos GigE series
Leutron Vision PicSight GigE series
Lucid Vision Labs Phoenix, Triton and Atlas series
Matrox Imaging GatorEye family
Matrix Vision mvBlueCOUGAR-S and mvBlueCOUGAR-X series
Mikrotron Gigabit Etherenet series
Net GmbH GimaGo and GigEPro series
Nippon (NED) XCM GigE Series
New Imaging Technologies (NIT) CMOS and SWIR GigE Series
Noxant NoxCam infrared camera
Omron Automation STC GigE Vision series
Ophir Photonics Pyrocam III and Pyrocam IV series
Opto Engineering COE-G series
PhotonFocus MV1 GigE Vision series
PixeLINK PL-***G Gigabit Ethernet series
PixelTeq SpectroCam series
Pleora Technologies iPORT digital and analog IP Engines
Point Grey BackFly, Flea3, Grasshopper, Zebra 2, Oryx series
RICOH EV-G series
Schafter + Kirchhoff Linescan GigE Vision mounts
Sensor to Image GigE Vision cores
Sentech EHS and POE GigE series
Smartek Giganetix series
Sony XCG Series
Specim FX Series
SVS-VISTEK SVCam-GigE series
Takex FCM12MGE, FC1650GE
Tattile LARA and TAG series
Teledyne DALSA Genie, UNiiQA, Linea series
Toshiba Teli CSG and BG series
Wenglor Sensoric 2D/3D profile sensors
Xenics Bobcat, Gobi, Onca series
Xilinx GigEVCore FPGA
Xiris XVC GigE Vision series