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Bary Nusz,
Pantex Plant, NNSI


We back up a wide range of IT consulting and custom programming services with hands-on experience in a number of industries and with advanced tools that we employ in our projects. The basic areas of expertise include:

  • Image processing and analysis. Editing, enhancing, segmentation and registration of objects; motion tracking; extraction of quantitative and qualitative features; shape detection; pattern recognition; neural networks; signal processing
  • Machine vision and control. System integration and turn-key automated vision solutions; proprietary algorithms for manufacturing, quality control and lab automation; optics and lighting solutions; embedded multithreading engines
  • Software interfaces to imaging devices. Data and image acquisition from various industry standard boards and cameras; system and kernel-level drivers, WDM and TWAIN development
  • Visualization. Recording, play/replay and synthesis of regular and streaming video; developing Internet applets using video streams, titration, and compression; video data transfer via telephone and cable lines
  • Software and hardware protection of data and programs. Integrating stand-alone PC protection key or floating network key; cryptography; program initiation counter-check, date check; hardware identification; multilevel protection
  • Database programming. Database design and development; front-end implementation; corporate intranet systems; web-portals with n-tier architecture; data warehousing
  • Code optimization. Optimizing software execution speed, rewriting time-critical sections of code in Assembly; MMX and SSE optimization; speed tuning
  • Custom software development. We offer a full range of software development services including consulting, project management, design, programming, testing, and support.

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