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Camera List

ActiveUSB API is designed to work with any camera which complies with the USB3 Vision standard. Some cameras may require a firmware upgrade to a U3V version. The following cameras lines have been tested with ActiveUSB SDK in VB6, VB.NET, C#, C++, Delphi, LabView and Matlab:
Manufacturer Model
Allied Vision Technologies Mako USB 3.0 series
Basler Vision Technologies Ace, Dart and Pulse USB 3.0 series
Baumer Optronic VCXU, VEXU, MXU and PXU series
ContrasTech Mars USB 3.0 series
Crowley MACHCAM 71 ultra-high-resolution camera
Daheng Imaging MARS-U3, MER-U3, MER2-U3 and VEN-U3 series
Dahua Technology MV USB3 series
Do3Think Do3Think USB 3.0 series
FLIR Backfly, Chameleon3, Flea 3 and Grasshopper3 series
Hikvision MV GigE Vision series
IDS uEye USB3 Vision series
Imaging Source DMK and DFK USB 3.0 series
IMI-Tech UV3 series
ISG LightWise Allegro USB 3.0 series
JADAK Allegro USB series
JAI GO and SP USB3 series
Lumenera Lt USB 3.0 series
Matrix Vision mvBlueFox series
NET GmbH 3iCube series
Omron Automation STC USB3 Vision series
Opto Engineering COE-U series
PixeLink PL-D***CU and PL-D***MU series
Pleora Technologies iPort CL-U3, SB-U3, NTx-U3 modules
Point Grey Backfly, Chameleon3, Flea 3 and Grasshopper3 series
Promicra PromiCam 3-3CC microscopy camera
Sensor to Image FPGA U3V engines
Sentech STC U3V series
Smartek twentynine USB3 series
Sumix Hummingbird SMX-16Exx series
SVS Vistek EXO series
Toshiba Teli BU and DU series
XIMEA GmbH xiQ series